my word for 2017

a couple of years ago i was listening to a podcast by gabrielle bernstein where she shared that she had found herself in a place of being stuck in her head, stuck in her own stuff, stuck in future tripping, and her friend said to her: this is not your business, this is god’s business… you are a servant of something bigger than you… something fucking unstoppable.

in other words – she had to get over herself because she had work to do.

i fell in love with that message, and have shared it myself many times.

(each time i do, someone tells me that my language is inappropriate. sigh. clearly they do not know me well. first of all, i LOVE to swear… it feels great! it feels like me. and second, have you noticed the lack of caps around here? i don’t actually really care if anyone does not like my style of writing. i write like i talk. and i write because i love to explore and share and learn. if you don’t like it, don’t read it! right?)

anyway… i love this message and i love the word unstoppable.

before i saw gabby’s quote i actually had the phrase “unstoppable ninja” written up on my lighthouse walls. i had done one of those little memes on facebook that tells you your halloween name based on your birthday… mine was “unstoppable ninja” and i LOVED that.

but somewhere along the way i stopped feeling unstoppable.

i started feeling wobbly. i started to doubt my ability to bring this mission to the world in a big way. i started to feel frustrated with my progress and my level of success.

i am so ready to be done with that. i am ready to leave that all behind me… it does not serve my light.

so this is my word for 2017.


it’s what i want to feel. it’s who i want to BE.

how? what will help me to feel unstoppable?

this is my plan.

i will embody the lighthouse.

not just talk about the lighthouse. not just build the lighthouse. but BE the lighthouse. with every action i take, with every bit of my focus, with my mindset… i will act as if i AM a lighthouse. (because i am!) and when in doubt i will ask: what would lighthouse-me do? (WWLHD?) and then act as if. i will foster a deep, unequivocal knowing, even deeper than belief, even stronger than certainty, that… it IS landing, i AM enough, it DOES make a difference, and the light HAS come. and i will act as if .

i will take care of me.

one of my friends reminded me of something very important… my body is the vehicle that allows me to do this work, to bring this mission to the world, to help ignite lights everywhere i go. i need to take care of it! omg - imagine how unstoppable an energetic, healthy, focused me will be? hell yes! i will take care of my body, i will take care of my soul, and i will make space for the stuff that makes me feel energetic, connected, and on fire! this is a new level of radical self-love.

i will show up.

i will fight for this mission… i will fight for the people who need permission, inspiration, and strategies to SHINE. i will fight for this business because the business supports the mission… the business has a purpose much bigger than money! i will build resilience so that every “failure” doesn’t stop me in my tracks… i will take what i need to learn, i will focus on all of the ways it IS landing, and i will have less attachment to specific outcomes because my efforts have a much bigger purpose than money… they are about so much more! i will work on my consistency… consistently showing up and shining, amplifying my message out to the people who need to see and hear it.  i will show up. and then i will wake up and show up again.


this is my word for 2017.

what's yours? and what is your plan to get you there?

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