are you ready to shine your light in 2016?

perhaps it is time to get back to you...

to ignite your light once again

and build a life that lights you up.

perhaps it is time to build your lighthouse.


navigate is the guidebook to help you!

navigate is the perfect dreaming / planning / exploring / action taking / unstucking workbook to help you shine your light in 2016... only we are not calling it a workbook, because work sounds like no fun and really, shining your light should be fun! so this is a guidebook instead.

navigate: to give direction. to show the way. to guide your journey.

navigate is about exploring you, it's about finding your way to your light, it's about building your lighthouse your way, it's about dreaming and planning and setting goals for your year... so that you can create a life that lights you up.


what's inside?

  • 7 simple lessons explaining the components of the lighthouse, and how building each one will help us to: find ourselves, know ourselves, & be ourselves; share ourselves with the world; build a life that we love; build up our mindset; and get ourselves unstuck, anytime something challenging comes up for us.


  • 22 exercises and activities - with printable worksheets - to help you put the lessons of the lighthouse into action. these exercises will help you to explore, dream, and take action so that you really can make 2016 a shining year


  • inspiring extras such as original printable artwork, printable mindfulness colouring pages, additional resources to help you rock your intentions, and more!


  • plus of course you can ask questions and get help with the navigate guidebook any time you need it via the facebook group forum - karen will be there to offer help, support, and further ideas and inspiration

you can use this guidebook for your personal journey, you can focus on your biz/career journey, you can use it to make plans for home/family... what you choose to focus on as you navigate your journey is up to you... the exercises can easily be applied to YOU and your dreams for 2016.

it's time... time to find your way back to your light

price $25


notes: navigate is a PDF workbook, delivered to your email for instant download. additional resources are identified and linked within the book for you to access as you wish. price in australian dollars. 10% GST will be added for australian customers.