mission ignition

my mission is to help women BE a lighthouse. to stand tall, light up, shine bright.

stepping up into a more mission- based business has made a huge difference to me, and now i want to inspire other women in biz to do the same.

what is a mission?

it is the change that you want to see in the world. it is your soap box. it is your fight song.

a mission isn’t quite the same as…

a passion… which is generally a short term burst of interest, excitement, enthusiasm.

a purpose… which is the work that you were born to do.

or your why… which is the reason you do what you do, it is what drives you or motivates you.

but all of these together… your passion + your purpose + your why… along with who your customer is and the change you want for her… come together to create your mission.

why be on a mission?

having a mission means selling something much bigger than your product, service, or expertise…. your mission becomes your message, and your offerings become the way you bring your mission to life.

it is easier to “be on a mission” than it is to sell a product. being on a mission is a more authentic, connected and energized approach to sharing your message… it allows you to tap into what you deeply care about… it is easy to talk about it. it’s the difference between saying “i have a dream” vs “i have something to sell you”

a mission connects you in a deeper more authentic way to your audience… it attracts people who want the same things for themselves as you do. it’s the difference between saying “come hang out with me and buy my thing” vs “come hang out with me and let’s talk about the change we want to create in our world/life/work etc.”

a mission will also become the umbrella under which everything else in your business exists. if you are a multipassionate person you can bring the things you love to do together as part of your mission. you can also more easily tweak or adjust your services, products, and offerings as you need to… coming up with new ways to serve your community as you need to, dropping off things that no longer light you up as your biz evolves. and you can use your mission to grow your community, write your book, give your keynote, create your conference/event/summit, start your podcast… anything that is on that BIG vision board of yours!

the signs...

how do you know it is time to start thinking about the deeper mission of your business? here are the signs:

  • you feel like your marketing/message isn't very effective lately – it’s not really connecting with people, not having much of an impact
  • you wonder: what is the point of your facebook group? - people aren't engaging, people aren't buying from you, there isn’t much incentive to join
  • you've been feeling a bit discouraged/disillusioned with your biz – you’ve lost sight of your why, your purpose, the people you really want to serve
  • you have a desire to serve more people, to make a bigger impact, to touch more lives, to make a bigger difference
  • you feel like you can't really transfer your 1:1 product/service/expertise to a group to reach more people
  • you find you are giving away a lot of free stuff but it's not translating to sales
  • you have big goals - thought leader, trailblazer, speaker, author, tribe leader, etc - you don't really know how your current biz will help you get there, but you are ready to start thinking about it!
  • you don't feel like your offerings, interests, passions, gifts, etc. are cohesive – there is nothing really tying them together, you wonder if you should just focus on one thing (but that makes you sad)
  • you feel like you just focus on sales & the hustle all of the time and need something bigger to drive you/ignite you
  • you have a niggling feeling like you are meant to be doing more, like it's time to step into new territory
  • you find yourself jealous about what other entrepreneurs are doing with their biz (getting interviews or being asked to speak or getting noticed for their work) but you're not sure how to do it for yourself
  • you find yourself irritated by the comments you see online, the posts you see others making, the status quo, the culture or attitude or common practice in your niche 
  • you are starting to wonder if you should even bother keep trying to sell your product/service since it has all already been done

a mission can help shift all of these things!

there are also some signs that you are NOT ready to ignite your mission.

  • you are very happy trading money for time – doing your thing, selling your stuff, delivering your products/services in a 1:1 fashion to your individual customers
  • word of mouth marketing and/or offline marketing are working great for you – you have enough work or you don’t really want to move into the online marketing space
  • you have no desire to shift anything in your biz or take your biz to a new level right now – things are fine & you are happy to just keep on keeping on
  • you do not have aspirations to be a thought leader, a speaker, an author, a teacher, an expert, or to shift your niche in any way
  • you are just starting out and still wrapping your head around the biz basics – marketing, branding, selling, and delivering your product/service

a mission is not for everyone and that is totally OK!

if the idea of stepping into a mission feels a bit scary or even impossible – if you are thinking “i am not sure what i do matters enough” or “maybe my thing is too simple” or “i am not sure i can even turn my thing into a mission” – this is NOT a sign not to do it!

stepping up into a more mission based business is about taking your business to the next level. it requires that we step up our mindset too… take our thoughts and beliefs, our confidence and worthiness, to the next level too.

igniting your mission

there are actually more than one type of mission - so the first step is to explore what type of mission will be best for your business, your goals, and your own passion & purpose. the next steps are to map out how to start sharing your mission as your message, connecting with more of your right people and building your tribe, and incorporating your mission into your business model and plans. and of course we will also work on your mission mindset... whether it's building your worthiness, visibility, leadership, confidence... i have strategies for you!

my mission is to help women in business stand tall, stand out, and shine their light in the world... just like a lighthouse. one of the best ways to beam your light out is to step up into your mission, and i would love to help you with that. 

karen, our 1:1 sessions about my mission have got me super excited about what’s next! our initial conversation totally lit me up, made me look at my entire business differently and passionately. the thoughts that usually trip me up don’t feel like such a big issue as now i am so focused on the mission of helping others. it’s amazing, like a bright light has been turned on. this mission stuff actually gets you out of your own way because all of a sudden it’s not about you, it’s about the impact you can have on others. now i can see why this work lights you up so much and i must re-visit the LHR book from this new “mission” state of mind :)
— jo bendle

work with me: mission ignition package

  • 3 x 75 minute 1:1 sessions (via zoom, which can be recorded for you) 
  • 3 months in the elevate circle for ongoing support between sessions + connection with like-minded, purpose driven entrepreneurs
  • access to the exclusive elevate library - including 4 self paced classes on igniting your mission as well as strategies for building worthiness, visibility, communities, leadership, and more.

get the mission ignition package for $695 (total value of this package is $1149). if you have a question about the package or would like to know if it's right for you at this time, please use the contact button below to get in touch! i would love to work with you! let's ignite your mission.

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