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spotlight on money blocks

with denise duffield-thomas

in this awesome spotlight session we are shining a light on money blocks. what is a money block? denise duffield-thomas is the queen bee (or the 'lucky B' as she would say!) of all things money mindset, and in this spotlight session she is sharing with us:

  • what she means when she encourages us to become aware of our money blocks
  • the most common blocks that women have when it comes to manifesting money
  • a very powerful strategy to try out right away to start uncovering your own blocks

and so much more!

denise is an awesome example of a women with a mission, shining her light in the world in a powerful way... so i also ask her a bit about her mission to change the way that women think and feel about money... and in doing so to change the world. denise shares her own journey to rise up and be a voice in the 'money mindset' space... the resistance she uncovered, the way she continues to work on her own blocks every day, the new goals she is striving for with her work.

whether you'd like to learn more about clearing your money blocks so that you can rise up with your own goals in life or biz... or you would like to learn from a powerful example of rising up with your mission and your message... this interview has both incredible inspiration and practical ideas for you!

i first started working with denise in 2012 when i joined her lucky bitch money bootcamp - and i am not exaggerating when i say that it changed my biz and life. the month after completing the bootcamp i had my first $10,000 month in my biz! i continue to learn from denise and just want to soak up everything she shares... i love her down to earth, totally real approach. and i love that she shares concrete, actionable strategies that really make a big difference! 

definitely pop over to to learn more from denise! as an extra bonus, check out the hilarious little video of denise's posted below. do you see yourself in this video? i definitely do! i think it's time to do some more work on my money blocks!

please note: i am a proud affiliate partner of denise duffield-thomas and may receive a commission in the future if you purchase one of the Lucky B programs. i only recommend amazing people/products that i know personally or have learned from personally... denise is both, and i am proud to share her work with others.