which lighthouse keeper are you?

if we are here to shine our light in the world (and i believe we are!) we must also take care of the vehicle - the lighthouse - that allows us to shine... we must learn how to be lighthouse keepers!

a lighthouse has many components: the internal light, of course, but also a strong foundation, a spiral staircase, a tall tower, a beacon that beams out to the boats, and more! naturally we each have strengths: components of our lighthouse that are easy to use! other components might become a bit neglected over time, and it's important to be aware of that too.

we don't always remember to take care of our own light, but in our every day lives we often help others to stand tall, light up, and shine bright. (lighthouse keepers can’t help but encourage others to shine! it's what we do!)

take this little quiz to uncover your strengths and find out what type of lighthouse keeper you are based on what you naturally do for others. once you know what you do best you can apply that knowledge to take care of your own lighthouse and shine your light even brighter in the world!


this is a low tech quiz! simply grab a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the numbers for the answers that describe you! if you would rather, click here for a printable version of this quizthe quiz is just 11 questions and will only take you a few minutes.

if you have more than one best answer, that's fine! choose the answers that truly describe you, even if there are more than one, because you can have more than one strength (and more than one weakness too.) so do pick all that apply! 

take the lighthouse keepers quiz

1. in your closest circles, how would your loved ones describe you?

#1. imaginative & perceptive

#2. a great listener & speaker

#3. loving & accepting

#4. confident & action taking

#5. joyful & playful

#6. grounded & balanced

#7. spiritual & wise

2. what are you most likely to say to someone who is feeling stuck?

#1. "look for the silver lining"

#2. "be true to yourself"

#3. "be kind to yourself"

#4. "you've got this"

#5. "honour your feelings"

#6. "give yourself some space"

#7. "let go & let god"

3. how do you most like to show love for someone going through a tough time?

#1. giving them a thoughtful gift

#2. with kind words on a note or a card

#3. giving them a big hug

#4. jump in and help them get things done

#5. make them laugh

#6. with fresh cut flowers or a beautiful plant

#7. an oracle card reading or intuitive message

4. what most often hurts your heart? when your loved ones...

#1. don't see themselves (and their own amazing qualities) clearly

#2. feel like it's not safe to speak up, or like their story doesn't matter

#3. give and give and give, but don't take care of themselves

#4. don't have any confidence or belief in themselves

#5. let fear or worry hold them back from going after their dreams

#6. seem to be lost in the darkness or the storms of life

#7. feel like they don't have a purpose or a light to shine

5. how do you most love to spend time with close friends?

#1. a peaceful walk on the beach or in the woods

#2. a heart to heart chat over coffee or wine

#3. cosying up the sofa for a chick-flick movie night

#4. going for a good run, work-out, or hike

#5. organizing a game night or a crafty-fun night

#6. hosting a dinner party at your home

#7. a spa day - massages, essential oils, mineral baths, etc

6. what quality do you most admire in others? someone who...

#1. is a good read of people... gets a strong vibe & trusts it

#2. is distinctive, quirky, unique... really comfy in their own skin

#3. gives freely & generously... but also receives abundance in many ways 

#4. is fearless... willing to take a leap, fail fast, and keep going

#5. can laugh at themselves & tough situations... doesn't take life too seriously

#6. is grounded... feet firmly planted, right where they need to be

#7. is guided... receives and trusts messages or signs from their guides

7. what would a friend come to you for? what help or advice would they seek from you?

#1. clarity... brainstorming, visioning, connecting the dots, getting to the core

#2. self-expression... authentic communication, genuine connection, pushing comfort zone

#3. permission... choose and focus on the plans & strategies that will work best

#4. leadership... encouragement & empowerment to rise up or take action

#5. exploration... creative problem solving, asking why, seeking answers, fresh eyes   

#6. nurturing... feeling supported, getting grounded, anchoring into what matters

#7. guidance... wisdom, insight, connecting to higher purpose or to inner knowing

8. what can you not help but do for the people you love?

#1. point out their strengths, superpowers, gifts, talents, skills

#2. shout their praises from the rooftops, shine a spotlight on them

#3. give them permission to focus on themselves or their dreams

#4. stand up for them, fight their battles, have their back

#5. get them out of the daily drag by helping them tap into joy, play, fun

#6. help them feel safe and secure and supported, remind them it's going to be ok

#7. tune into their guides, ask the angels to watch over them, or ask for a sign for them

9. what makes you absolutely ranty? when someone has been made to feel that...

#1. the way they choose to express their individuality is not ok

#2. their voice does not matter... is silenced or dismissed

#3. they are doing it wrong... or they have to do it a certain way

#4. they needn't bother.... because they are less than, not enough, not worthy

#5. their feelings, experiences, fears are not valid

#6. they are being excluded or ostracized from the crowd

#7. their beliefs are not valued or not acceptable 

10. if a friend wanted to achieve a goal, what strategy would you suggest to help them?

#1. create a vision board to focus on what they are working towards

#2. speak up and share goals out loud, share your story, your truth, your journey  

#3. check in with priorities and then declutter their space, to do list, calendar etc.

#4. create an action plan to map steps, strategies, milestones, etc.

#5. explore the fears, resistance, blocks that may come up on the journey

#6. join or start a support group or mastermind group

#7. meditation to surrender attachment to specific outcomes and ask for guidance

11. what song would you turn up loud for a friend who was feeling low or stuck?

#1. firework by katy perry | true colours by cindy lauper

#2. roar by katy perry | shout it loud by kiss

#3. who says by selena gomez | it's my life by bon jovi 

#4. fight song by rachel platten | eye of the tiger by survivor

#5. sunshine in my pocket by justin timberlake | walking on sunshine by katrina and the waves

#6. dog days are over by florence and the machine | i am a rock by simon and garfunkle

#7. angels by robbie williams | keep the faith by bon jovi

your results!

have a look at your answers... which number did you choose most often? it is very possible to have more than one strength! use your strengths to strengthen your own lighthouse... what you naturally do to help others shine is something that you can build on and what you do for others is a sign of what you can do even more powerfully for yourself! 

and which number did you NOT choose very often? this is something that may need some attention in your lighthouse. you can indeed build up what doesn't come naturally to you... and you must, because your lighthouse needs all it's components in tip top shape! so use the information below to check in with your weaknesses as well as building on your strengths.

  • mostly #1: you are the visionary - the keeper of the light

you see the best in people and situations, and often see others more clearly than they see themselves. 

use this strength to see yourself clearly too - tap into your gifts, strengths, and superpowers. focus on your purpose and your big vision and use that to stay ignited. remember that the light you see in others is the light that is in you!

when you are low on mojo or feeling unclear in your direction, take the time to work on your big dreams and your vision for where you are going and why. it's important to keep your fuel tank full and your light ignited! 

  • mostly #2: you are the rock star - the keeper of the beacon

you are the first to sing your loved one's praises, and want to shine a light on those you think deserve to be seen and heard.

use this strength to stand out on your own stage - to share your own messages and truths! tap into your ability to talk to others and share your stories in an authentic, vulnerable way. focus on your boats - the ones who care about the same things you do. remember that your light is not meant to be hidden inside!

when you are feeling unheard and unseen, or like your message is not connecting, step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight...allow yourself to be visible and speak your authentic truth. it's important to keep amplifying our voice and visibility so that we can beam our light out like a beacon.

  • mostly #3: you are the architect - the keeper of the tower

you are compassionate and encouraging of others, wanting everyone around you to live a life that they love.

use this strength to love yourself up as much as you love others - tap into your natural compassion and forgiveness and give plenty of it to yourself. give yourself permission to receive love and abundance into your life, the more you have in your own bucket the more you have to give to others. focus on building what you love, your way... because your life is the vehicle that allows you to shine.

when you are feeling overwhelmed, unproductive, and swamped with "should dos" try to give yourself permission to focus your time, energy, boundaries and attention on what matters most to you. it's important that all parts of your tower serve your light and are aligned with what you want.

  • mostly #4: you are the warrior - the keeper of the foundation

you are the first to stand up and fight for other's rights, and you see the inherent worth and value in every person.

use this strength to back yourself too! to believe in yourself and to fight for what you want. tap into your natural action taking abilities to take imperfect action, fail fast, and keep going! focus on the positive mindsets that you naturally have, cement them in and build on them. remember that your mindset is the foundation that supports your light.

when you are feeling unworthy, low confidence, or lack of belief in yourself, it's time to shift that: your worthiness and confidence depends on you! it's important to do the work to build yourself up, because a strong foundation doesn't just magically appear when you decide that you are ready to shine.

  • mostly #5: you are the free spirit - the keeper of the spiral staircase

you bring a sense of playfulness, fun, and adventure to those around you.

use this strength to bring wonder and joy to your own journey, even through the tough stuff and stuck stuff that can come up as we take action. tap into your natural sense of curiosity and play; ask "what can i learn from this?" or "what am i meant to overcome here" whenever you find yourself stuck. focus on taking little steps, knowing that with each step the next appears. remember that the journey out to be as amazing as the destination.

when you are feeling like it's all too hard or find yourself making excuses for not moving forwards, try to spiral with your stuff... shine a light on your blocks and resistance, look at what is really making you feel stuck. it's important to keep marching up the spiral staircase; each step takes you closer to the top, closer to your light.

  • mostly #6: you are the earth mama - the keeper of the harbour

you offer support, safety, and a sense of belonging and community to those you love. 

use this strength to remember that you yourself are exactly where you are meant to be and it is safe to be right here. tap into your ability to stay grounded and centred, especially when you feel tossed around by the waves & storms. focus on your own community of support and remember that you are always surrounded by an ocean of love. remember that we can't always be shiny & bright but we can improve our 'come back rate' - our ability to come back to our lighthouse.

when you are feeling impatient, like it's never going to land, or like you are stuck in the darkness, try to be where your feet are - be in the here and now - give yourself some space, and surrender to whatever this moment has for you. it's important to have an anchor that connects you to your light, to what you are working towards and why... your anchor will help bring you home to your harbour.

  • mostly #7: you are the sage - the keeper of the sky

you see the inner soul having a human experience... you see the magic in people and trust in the magic of the universe.

use this strength to further develop your own connection to spirit/universe/source... the source of our light... this connection will help you to feel guided as you build the other components of your lighthouse. with everything that you do, tap into the energy of light - joy, love, peace, growth, and inspiration - because what you put out into the world is what you will receive in return. focus on exploring your soul's purpose & trust that you are indeed exactly where you are meant to be. remember that you are simply a vehicle for light to shine through... a servant of something that is unstoppable.

when you are feeling a lack of faith and trust, like the universe has not got your back, try to look up at the sky above and remember that you are here for a reason... you are a part of something much bigger than you. what are you adding to the universe's library? sometimes we have to get out of our own way (and get over ourselves) and just show up and shine. it's important to find your own way of connecting to your source of light... to do spirituality your way.

now what?

the aim of this quiz was to highlight your strengths... to show you that what you do naturally for others is also what you can do more of for yourself, so that you can shine!

but what i am really hoping you have discovered is that all 7 components of the lighthouse are important and that each of the lighthouse keepers is needed.

to learn more about each of the lighthouse keepers - more about their strengths as well as signs that you might need them in your life/biz, strategies and activities for tapping into their energy, and the shadow side of each keeper - please click the link below to download the FREE lighthouse keepers digital magazine.

this stunning 25 page pdf booklet will both inspire you and help you on your own journey to stand tall, light up, and shine bright... just like a lighthouse.

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