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use crowdfunding

to amplify your message, ignite your audience,

and share your thing with the world… in a way that feels genuine & fun!

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kickstart… with heart

a self-paced, online workshop designed to help you not just map out your plans for your crowdfunding campaign, but get clear on your mission as your message, ignite your inner mojo so that you can make this happen, and build up the strong mindset required for this type of launch.


my name is karen gunton and after two successful crowdfunding campaigns of my own (the lighthouse revolution book and the illuminate oracle deck) as well as helping others to work on their own campaigns, there are three areas that i believe make the biggest difference with this type of launch: mission, mojo, and mindset.

there are a tonne of resources online to help you learn about crowdfunding and create the plans for your campaign - and i definitely urge you to learn from as many resources as possible!

this workshop is a little different.

yes it will help you to map out your plans... we cover your:

  • 'early days' of preparation and planning

  • 'before the campaign is ready to launch' plans

  • 'during the campaign' plans

  • and yes, the 'after the campaign is over' plans too

to help you get organized, get creative, and give yourself the best possible chance for success.

but this workshop will also address those three important areas of:

  • leading with your mission as your message - because you need to be able to talk about much more than the thing you are selling; you need to ignite more than one audience with your campaign (not just the obvious buyers); and you need to get people fired up to jump on board to help you

  • tapping into your genuine passion and mojo to show up every day for your campaign - because 'if you build it they will come' is not a strong strategy! crowdfunding requires a commitment to going all in and giving it all you've got. this isn't about hustling from a place of selling, this is about showing up and shining from a place of authenticity and purpose

  • addressing the biggest mindset blocks that may make you stumble - and you will stumble. nothing will push your buttons (those confidence, belief, resilience, worthiness, visibility buttons) like a crowdfunding campaign... but there are excellent strategies for dealing with all of the ups and downs, strategies that will see you through beyond the end of the campaign

i am sharing the strategies that worked the best for me, the mistakes i made along the way, and everything that i learned about crowdfunding that i believe will help you too.

about this workshop

  • online, self-paced, and instant access

  • 15 video (or audio) lessons, 6 hours in total of instruction

  • 44 page printable workbook - including the key points and notes from each video as well as space and prompts to do your own brainstorming and planning

  • a resource library for easy access to additional links and examples

there is a reason i call this workshop "kickstart with heart" - my passion is helping people to shine their light in the world... to tap into their purpose... to feel ignited and excited, authentic and genuine... and to beam that light out to those people who need and want what you do. 

to me, crowdfunding is about so much more than raising the funds needed to create or produce your thing... it's about amplifying your message to reach the people you long to serve, it's about igniting your audience to get on board and be part of your mission, and it's about elevating your self: your voice, your visibility, your confidence, your purpose, your passion... taking the next steps in how you shine your light.

crowdfunding will probably stretch you and push your buttons like nothing else you have ever done, but if you are willing to give it your all - not from a place of 'hustle' but rather from a place of purpose and passion and service - it can also be one of the most rewarding and incredible things you ever do... even if you don't reach your crowdfunding goal. 

but i do want you to reach your goal! i want you to bring your *thing* to the world and i believe the strategies shared here will help you to do that.

kickstart with heart workshop

self-paced, instant access, online workshop. includes workbook + video instruction + resource library.

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