karen gunton

perhaps it’s time for you to stop building a business and build a lighthouse instead...

... one that will truly allow you to stand tall, stand out, and share your brilliance with the world.

illuminate begins again on october 26th, 2015.

this is your personal invitation to join illuminate – a 5 step group-coaching program to get your shine on and build your business, your way.

this is a program for women who are already building a business or who are working on turning their passion into a business, women who are building a personal brand (as an author, speaker, teacher, or expert), and/or women who long to start a movement or create a change in the world.

but first, there is something really important you should know about illuminate... isn’t something more for you to DO… it’s a new way to BE. a new way to think about the business you are building. a new way to continue on the next steps of your business journey.

in just 5 weeks you’ll learn a comprehensive system to get unstuck and take action. you’ll be able to utilise this system for your biz as a whole; to work on a specific goal or project; or even to get unstuck, rekindle your spark or to get back on your path, whenever you feel lost.

illuminate shines a light on exactly what you need in your biz, right now.

before meeting karen i had a sense that something was missing for me. i really did know what i wanted, i just stopped believing it was possible. it’s taken some time to allow my truth to surface and follow it. i was drawn to illuminate because i had gained so much clarity through working with karen, and i wanted to explore me and my direction further. because of illuminate i have been brave and have allowed myself to entertain my creativity, i have allowed my direction to surface and unfold. karen has provided an environment and space for me to explore, play and share. i would absolutely recommend illuminate without hesitation! illuminate lights you from within so you bring your best and brightest self to the world in order to follow your passion and purpose and all you’re called to do. ~ leah wesley-smith
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illuminate is for you if…

  • you FEEL stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, like you keep going in circles… you are doing the work but your biz just isn't where you want it to be.
  • you HAVE lost your spark, and you feel as if everything you try is such a push, such hard work, yet always seems to be ineffective, despite your best efforts. 
  • you KNOW that something has to change, and you are ready to get out of your own way. you are ready for the next step, you just aren't sure what it is yet.
  • you ARE not ready to give up. you still believe in your dream, and believe that there’s something more for you, a better way to build your biz... a better paradigm for business that has more heart & soul!

i totally understand that every setback in your business has made you feel a little less… confident. 

but i also know that you don't want yet another e-course telling you one more thing to add to your to do list. you don't want to learn more "business stuff" that you don't have time to implement.

you are looking for the missing piece... a new perspective.


perhaps it is time to revolutionize your biz – with

a lighthouse!

i would like to offer you a chance to learn how to do things a different way.

to BE different.

to MAKE a difference.


i’ve encouraged women in business to build a lighthouse instead of a business for some time now. why? because i was in that stuck spot not so long ago. over time it felt like my business flat lined — it stopped growing. i hit an income and impact ceiling. i kept thinking that i must be missing something, that there must be a better way.

what changed?

i re-ignited my spark. i gave myself permission to be me and to build a business that was aligned with my unique strengths and my core purpose. i finally got the clarity and the focus that i had been longing for.

i realized that i had to do more than just build a business, and concentrate on all of the “business-y” strategies that we all learn… i had to build a lighthouse instead: one with a strong foundation and a crystal clear light.

within months, my business doubled. and that was awesome. but i realized that my work wasn’t done. you have to keep working at this, keep learning, keep growing.

i had to learn how to be a lighthouse keeper

...to keep my light ignited and my structure aligned and my foundation solid. i had to learn how to keep dealing with the stuff that can come up again and again to get you stuck. i learned real strategies that made a huge difference in my ability to shine my light.

over the past 3 years that i’ve been working on this myself, and teaching other women in biz as well, i’ve created a signature system for getting clarity, getting unstuck, and taking action in your biz, all based on the lighthouse.

my lighthouse has brought simplicity and clarity to my biz – and now i can help you do the same, by teaching you my simple, yet effective system, and sharing with you the strategies that i have learned.

hence illuminate was born.

illuminate has taught me that it’s OK to be me in my business. i have been moving into this way of thinking over the past six or eight months but the program really cemented it for me. it’s helped me clarify what it is i really want to share with the world through my business - and that it’s OK to share that because it’s awesome! karen has a lovely way of supporting and helping women build the business they want. she offers a safe space to be the real you, to share your vulnerabilities, concerns and successes, and gives us permission to listen to and follow our own heart. hearing from other women in the group, the challenges they’re facing and the support they offer in return, is wonderful. i really like the individual nature of illuminate - even though it is a group program, karen is there with personal insight and feedback for each of us, and cares deeply about each of our journeys. ~ helen butler

what is illuminate?

illuminate is program to help you:

  • build a lighthouse... which is exactly what you need if you are going to truly shine your light. most of us have focused on the "business-y" part of the structure, and feel like there must be something missing because no one tells us that we actually have to build much more than the business if we want our ideas to be a success. illuminate teaches you how to build YOU so that you can build a business that works for you.
  • become a lighthouse keeper... which is what we have to do in order to keep shining, even through setbacks and fears and periods of stuckness. illuminate will teach you the little steps you can take to help you rise to the top, and will leave you feeling empowered and ignited.
  • beam your light... stronger and farther and with more clarity than ever before! illuminate will show you how to be authentic AND significant... to resonate with your audience in a powerful way and get your message out to the world effectively.

illuminate is not...

  • another program that puts you in information overload. you’ve bought enough programs, courses, and products that accomplished that already.  
  • a program that gives you more to-do lists and formulas. you don’t need more information, what you need is actionable mindset tools and strategies to utilise the knowledge you already have.
  • a business school that teaches you how to do things like register your business name, design a logo, create a website, start a mailing list, figure out seo, create facebook ads, etc. we will not be dealing with the little "ins and outs" of building an online business.

think mindset, not biz formulas.

you don’t need more stuff; you need to get out of your own way. you need permission to BE YOU, and build your biz in a way that makes sense for you.

illuminate is all about personal transformation and self-development. it’s about the soulful part of your journey, it's about building something that lights you up and comes from your heart.

because your biz is a reflection of you.

in order to build your biz, you must also build YOU. and when you build you, you also build your biz. this is the missing piece that most business education doesn't teach you about - it is not enough to "implement good business practice" if you don't have the personal tools and foundation to support it. 

whenever i work with women in biz, whether 1:1 or in groups, we always start at the same place. we start within. we start at the light, and then we build outwards from there. this is about getting back to YOU. and about building you AND building your biz, your way.

what difference does it make?

it could be the difference between...

having an impact with your business... or being bland and unremarkable

taking your biz to the next level.... or just staying safe, staying stuck where you are.

finding success, creating something that you love doing and earns you money... or giving up.

reaching your goals and achieving your dreams... or not.

illuminate will...

  • empower you to get unstuck, take action, and effectively, authentically share your *thing* with the world, and amplify your message in a bold way. 
  • inspire you to gain clarity, give yourself permission to be you, build confidence, find your mojo, and create a plan that works for you!
  • ignite you to build a biz that is successful & fulfilling, that brings you cash & joy, that creates passion & profit... a legacy that matters to you & to the people you serve.
  • support you to keep going, to keep evolving, to keep reaching. you cannot do this alone. successful people have people, they have support and mentors and peers that elevate them.
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the process: what you will learn

when you start building a lighthouse, being a lighthouse, you will revolutionise your business. over 5 weeks we will go through the 5 components of the lighthouse. i will teach you exactly how to…

learn you. week 0.

yes, this is ground zero... your biz is a reflection of you, so the first step is to learn YOU, to BE you. you will receive a BONUS workbook called learnYOU the moment you join illuminate. is hugely powerful: it's the source of many ah-ha's, it offers tonnes of insight, and it prompts new questions about who you are and the work you are here to do. get started on this as soon as you join!

ignite your light. week 1. 

get clear about your purpose, your vision, your focus, your why, your mission, and so much more. give yourself permission to be you and be authentic. keep your spark ignited so that you can keep going, even in stormy times. without the light, all you've got is a regular old building! your light is the core of everything you do, and it will help you build something much bigger than the thing you sell.

be a beacon. week 2. 

beam your message out to the world, create a brand that resonates, feel genuine and natural with your marketing, and connect with your most awesome people... the ideal customers that care about the same things you do. this is all about communicating your message, amplifying your message, making an impact with your message... and having fun doing it!

build your tower. week 3. 

build a business that works for you! ensure your business aligns with your purpose and your vision. discover how to leverage your strengths and amplify your unique brilliance. give yourself permission to clear the clutter in your biz and create simplicity. you need to build your biz, your way.

strengthen your foundation. week 4. 

learn, build, and strengthen important entrepreneurial success building blocks such as: positive mindset, boundaries, decision making, resilience, relationships, belief, worthiness, commitment, trusting your gut, productivity, and more. if you need it to succeed, you CAN build it in to your lighthouse, and you will learn exactly HOW to do it.

use the spiral staircase. week 5. 

get unstuck and keep taking action. you'll learn how to deal with... fears, setbacks, frustration, criticism, jealousy, and comparison, overwhelm, negativity, your inner critic, and so much more. (you know, all of the *crap* that comes up while you build your biz and can leave you feeling stuck.) after this you never have to stay stuck again! 

plus i have a*NEW* lighthouse component to teach you!

i've uncovered a brand new component of the lighthouse, one which i haven't taught anywhere yet, and which i am so excited to share with you. this new component is making the BIGGEST difference to me right now in my biz and i cannot wait to share it with you! so i will be adding an additional, never before seen coaching video to illuminate... just for you!


 the details: how it works.

illuminate is a lifetime access program with 3 core elements.

1. online video coaching.

i would love nothing more than to be able to hang out with you in your living room and walk you through the process of building your lighthouse face to face. but that is not always a "doable" option (and i actually love that illuminate can help people all over the world!) so the next best thing is beaming the lighthouse into your living room through video! 

during the initial 5 weeks of the program you’ll learn exactly how to build your lighthouse through weekly video coaching. you'll work through the 5 components of the lighthouse: learning what each component represents, how to incorporate it into your business journey, and how to use it to get unstuck and take action in your business. you'll walk away with a complete process that you can use over and over again anytime you need to in your biz.

you’ll get access to all course materials via a password-protected membership site - you can choose to watch the video or listen to the audio (whichever you like best) - plus there are additional printables and worksheets ready to help you take action.


though i will be sending out the 5 coaching videos for the 5 components of the lighthouse over the course of 5 weeks, you can absolutely work at your own pace. you can access all 5 videos at once if you like, or you can take your time and go through the process whenever suits you. if you make a commitment to work ON your biz for one hour per week - you can learn the process and start to take action in your biz right away.

2. online tool-kit of strategies.

over 7 years i have learned, tested, and figured out many strategies that have helped me build each component of my lighthouse, and that continue to help women in biz we go on this business journey. i want to share these lighthouse strategies with you!

nothing drives me more crazy than when you hear entrepreneurs say that in order to succeed you need to: feel worthy, move past fears & blocks, be confident, delight your customers, leverage your strengths (etc. etc. etc. ...you can fill in the blank here i am sure with a long list of the stuff you are supposed to do!) but what so few people explain is HOW. 

these strategies are the HOW. they are simple, actionable little tools to help you build your lighthouse.

it’s a bit like “choose your own adventure” - you just grab exactly what you need, whenever you need it, with lifetime access. (and i'm adding new lighthouse strategies all the time, as we come up with little tricks that will help us to shine our light!)

3. mastermind community.

illuminate includes a private mastermind community of like-minded "lighthouse keepers" so that you get the help and support you need on your business journey.

the community exists to help you with accountability, celebration, elevation, and connection. you need to surround yourself with people who "get it & get you" and have a safe space to overcome those hurdles that tend to keep you stuck in overwhelm. connect with like-minded women who’re not afraid to do the work. you’ll have lifetime access to this community.

the community includes regular live chats with biz experts who will help us as we build our lighthouse (current guest experts include: angela raspass on your next chapter, kylie patchett on fear & mindset, andrea louise glazier on sharing your message, clare fitzgerald on soul purpose, and kerry rowett on aligment & clearing blocks. more awesome experts will be visiting us through the end of 2015!)

of course i will be there with you, every step of the way, so you can ask me questions any time. i will always present in the community to give you individual attention, feedback, and insight. you get me, when you need me, because i know that having that safe place to get the help you need can make all the difference in your journey. 

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2016 planning bundle

on december 1st i will be launching a brand new workbook to help you shine your light in 2016. this workbook will take you through a deep and inspiring process of reflection, dreaming, and planning, and will include some awesome extras like guided visualization, meditative colouring, fun brainstorming exercises, and more! this workbook will be a free bonus for illuminate members.

plus, just for you, i will also be creating an exclusive "bizplantastic" video series to help you sit down and create an 2016 business plan - the lighthouse way. you will be able to access this video series at any time that suits you, and work through it at your pace. you will also receive the bizplantastic workbook & full set of customizable, printable, planning sheets to help you do further planning for your biz for 2016. 

this planning bundle will only be offered as an illuminate bonus - you will not be able to purchase the bizplantastic workbook or the video series separately... so do join us now to get this bonus... you won't find it anywhere else, and future members will not have access to this bonus! 

i felt out of sorts with the direction of my biz. i was achieving all the correct milestones, but did not feel like i was doing exactly what i should be doing. illuminate was perfect for me. i learnt more about myself, which allowed me to forgive some of the decisions i had made. it also allowed me to discover a clearer direction and the courage to take some huge next steps in my business, to clear out the ‘stuff’ holding me back and to launch into a new direction. this other direction is very personal, and very scary, but i am clear on what i must do to fulfil my soul. illuminate gives me a place to feel safe: safe in my decisions, safe in my failures, safe to put it all out there, safe to handle any feedback. i would recommend this to anyone feeling unsure about her why, her purpose, but has a clear and passionate reason for being. ~ tennille graham ~

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the program will open for new members in 2016.

silver option

illuminate life time membership + BONUS planning bundle

with a lifetime membership to illuminate you get any new content that is added in the lifetime of this program, including any new bonuses that are created for future members... so it pays to join now! (the value for the planning bundle is $300.)

your investment: $750 (value: $1050)

payment plan option: 4 payments of $195

gold option

illuminate life time membership + BONUS planning bundle + clarity session

upgrade your investment to include a clarity session - this is a one hour 1:1 session via skype that will allow us to put the pieces of your lighthouse puzzle together and create a road map for your next steps. (the regular price for one clarity session is $300.)

as illuminate member helen butler says "you will want to add on a clarity session when you join! illuminate gives you so many ideas and lots to think about, karen will help you to get focused and take action."

your investment: $900 (value: $1450)

payment plan option: 4 payments of $235

platinum option

illuminate life time membership + BONUS planning bundle + alchemy sessions

upgrade your investment to inlcude the alchemy sessions - this is a package of 5 one hour 1:1 sessions via skype, over a period of 10 weeks. each session will allow us time to work together on one component of your lighthouse, in depth, with personal support and additional, specific insight into you and your biz. (the regular price for the alchemy session package is $1200.)

your investment: $1500 (value $2250)

payment plan: 4 payments of $385

please note:

all prices in AUD. +10% GST for australian residents upon checkout. 

payment plans: initial payment is due upon registration to illuminate. subsequent payments will be invoiced bi-weekly.

refund policy: if you discover that illuminate is not the right place for you? no problem. full refunds are available until november 1st.

copyright: all components of illuminate, including all bonus content as well as all video, audio, and PDF files, are the property of karen gunton and are available to illuminate members ONLY. please do not share files or links with others.

questions? contact karen directly at kg@karengunton.com - i am happy to chat!

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