illuminate session

intuitive insight  |  energetic clearing  |  guided exploration

what is your intention for 2018?

we all set intentions (call them goals, plans, dreams... resolutions!... whatever you want to focus on, whatever you say you want for yourself...)

but we aren't always great at making them happen.

we procrastinate, we lose our mojo, we find ourselves stuck, or lost, or overwhelmed... time goes on and we haven't made our intentions a reality. we know we want to make it happen, but something seems to be getting in our way.

an illuminate session will help you to explore and clear whatever that is that is getting in your way... your resistance, your stuckness - or as i like to call it... your fog -  the fog that clouds up your windows and prevents your light from shining bright.

the illuminate session works in 3 ways

  • i take you on a guided exploration through each of the 7 component of your lighthouse to help you to shine a light on your own resistance/blocks as well as see what you can ignite, where you can take action
  • i connect with you and your intentions to offer intuitive insight... to help you illuminate what you might not notice on your own... my readings are unique in that they include messages from both oracle cards - using the new lighthouse oracle deck - and music... in fact the music is one of the most powerful parts of this session!
  • i do an energetic clearing via distance reiki to act directly on the resistance that you uncover... the reiki works on each of your chakras which are linked to the 7 components of your lighthouse.

illuminate is a unique, one-of-a-kind process...

... which i created to explore and heal my own resistance... and after 2 years of developing this process i am excited to be doing these sessions for others. it most closely resembles a 'reading' but it is actually so much more than that... it is a practical, intuitive, and energetic session to help you both find and clear your resistance as well as ignite your intentions.

you will walk away from the illuminate session with clarity - feeling ignited, empowered, and anchored into your intention - ready to take courageous, inspired action.

book in for your new year illuminate session!

a custom session, done just for you and your personal intentions for 2018

next sessions: january 15-19 with the energy of the new moon

limited spaces available

note: all prices are in AUD. 10% gst will be added at check out for all australian residents.

how it works:

all you need to do is hold one intention for your session: your goal, desire, dream, plan... something you want to focus on, something you want to ignite, create, heal, or explore. you share your intention once you've booked and the illuminate session is done just for you, specific to your intention.

the session is sent to you as a recording (approx 30 minutes - sent in both video and audio formats), so there is no pressure on your time. you listen when the time works for you, and you can pause it as you go to do your exploration and brainstorming! you can listen to the session again and again as you focus on your intention.

you will also receive an illuminate booklet with the details about the lighthouse framework we use for the session, helpful tips to get the most out of your session, and printable blank lighthouse blueprints which you can use to jot down your ideas during the session.

the sessions are done in the order in which they are booked - first in, first served. expect to receive your session recording within a few days of the set start date.


what people are saying about their illuminate session...

My illuminate session came through just a day after the first Full Moon of the New Year — you’ve taken my breath away with the depth & breadth of this session. You’ve tapped into so much that was going on for me during 2017 — many tears — & done this with such care, sensitivity and deep intuition. Thank you for the strategies you include to move through and beyond with ease and grace. Your lighthouse structure is the most beautiful and well-crafted container for your blend of guidance and practical strategy & I absolutely love your intuitive selection of songs to accompany each layer. This is so unique! Love your originality with this — love how you own this gift and share it with us. Your work in this space is a real-life example of ‘thoughts become things’. Thank you so much Karen!
— julia schmutter
karen, that session was SPOT ON! everything you said, every message that you shared helped me to explore the resistance that i knew was there but just couldn’t see myself. your sessions are the perfect mix of woo woo support & practical logic that i love... i feel like this was truly empowering because i was able to seek my own counsel. the music messages that you shared - wow! what a point of difference for these sessions of yours! and i loved all of the visualization and brainstorming... there is something very powerful in writing it all down. anyone with self-development experience or on a journey of growth and transformation needs your sessions... you offer a fresh set of eyes on our *shit* as well as the insight to help us move forward. thank you!
— amanda foy
HOLY.SHIT Karen! Wow! Thank you for this session. I can’t believe how many of the same things came up for me. over. and. over! I Must pay attention! You got emotional on a few of the cards and songs that came up too, I could tell the impact as you were doing it. A few strong messages were about things I’m not doing so well with at the moment... you really hit on that stuff for me, and showed me that it’s time to shift it now. I loved the songs that came up too... so powerful. Thank you so much. I’m going to listen to my session a few times. Thank you again Karen, I’m very blow away, grateful, appreciative for this session. Go baby go!!!
— emma
I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for the illuminate session. WOWWWWWW!!! Holy Cow, everything you said was so spot on. Thank you for showing me how I can combine the ideas for my biz to walk the talk and talk the walk ... how doing BOTH of the things I am passionate about is an option - oh, yes, totally and absolutely! It’s crazily simple yet fabulous how you explained it and it really resonated with me. So cool to step through the songs you shared & I have had shivers many times throughout listening to the playlist, I will be listening to it again and again. Also, your mention of the stories I can tell REALLY rings true ... and actually that would seriously be a deep secret dream come true! you were SO SPOT ON with your thoughts & those “just going to throw it in there” flashes of inspiration that you shared... EVERYTHING in the session, including the details for each component / chakra, were just so right on track! I want to acknowledge and give gratitude for your incredibly accurate & helpful reading, thank you!
— belinda
karen, this morning i created the space (time, head and heart) to listen to my gorgeous illuminate session recording. i totally loved it! hit the nail on the head time and time again and has given me a gorgeous framework to keep coming back to... it is so workable! i feel like I can really use the information from this session as a base to move forward from here. it has given me a rock... a rock that i can go and connect with whenever i feel like i am floating away. thank you so so so much. super valuable!
— trish everett
wowzers, thank you! i am crushing my intention! with this illuminate session it feels like every. single. cell. in my body is working toward it… i feel totally and utterly empowered, like nothing will stop me. when it came to my resistance or fears, i struggled to list even one! GONE. the universe is conspiring to put everything in place, it’s happening, i’m working toward it, and nothing will stop me. i’m going to come back to this recording so often. thanks so much Karen, this is very beautiful and so bloody powerful.
— louisa gormley
sweet lady, i’ve just listened to my illuminate session and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. what beautiful work you do. i can feel the energy clearing my blocks. i love how you tie the lighthouse to the chakras and how it is a combination of clairvoyance and healing energy and practical information... your framework is original and gorgeous, i love the seven components. when i imagined the lighthouse as you suggested at the beginning of the session, i saw a lighthouse so big it shone over the entire planet. it was mind blowing. and the foundations went all the way inside the earth, right to its centre... i felt the earth herself wanted to support my work. it was amazing. immense gratitude to you... i am going to take some quiet time now to find an anchor.
— ange delumier