karen gunton

you are the hero you have been waiting for...

it's time to get yourself unstuck, to ignite yourself, to move yourself forwards.

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what would you like to IGNITE within your self... within your soul?













do these things sound like what you want for you?

so that you can to do more of what you say you want to do...

so that you can BE more of who you long to be?

i would love for you to join us over at patreon for the new IGNITE membership space - it's like a *club* for people who want to create more personal transformation & self-leadership.

what is patreon? it is a platform for creators - like me! - to easily share and get paid for the things i create.

i am a trained teacher, i am a writer and a keynote speaker, i am a creative and a designer, i am an intuitive - i bring all of these strengths to the table to create the tools that i will be sharing at patreon each month...

i love to create: books, workbooks, worksheets, printables, images, podcasts, videos, workshops, challenges, frameworks, maps... anything that will help us to easily, actually to the work we need to do!

my aim is to create and share resources to help you be inspired, get motivated, have AHAs... to explore, implement, transform... to notice real changes in your SELF and in your life. each month we will have a new theme... something to IGNITE within ourselves!

i would love for you to join us... simply choose from the IGNITE membership options & rewards at patreon! i promise to deliver simple, practical, doable strategies that will actually help you create personal transformation and self-leadership. 

a note about patreon : the reward prices at patreon are in USD. for my friends in australia, canada, and elsewhere around the world, please know i have kept patreon membership prices low to reflect the exchange rate... and they are priced lower than the resources available here from my website. if you would rather not become a patreon... a member of IGNITE... do check back here to purchase and download the resources that i create directly... they will be posted here in the coming months.