karen gunton

you are the hero you have been waiting for...

it's time to get yourself unstuck, to ignite yourself, to move yourself forwards.

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do you want to make a change in your life? are you seeking something more out of life? are you ready to BE the leader of your own life?


this is the place to be! i am on a mission to help people be their best self and live their best life... to rise up, stand, light up, and shine bright... just like a lighthouse. and i am passionate about exploring and teaching the HOW.

this space is where i will be sharing the how - a space to do the real work of personal transformation and self-leadership. i call this space IGNITE - because each month we will explore exactly how to IGNITE something within our SELF... just imagine a world where we all rise up and shine bright!

some of the upcoming monthly themes include:

~ confidence ~ worthiness ~ courage ~ creativity ~ purpose ~ vision ~ intuition ~ motivation ~ healing ~ and more!

do these things sound like the sorts of things you would love to IGNITE within your soul? so that you can to do more and be more of what you say you want in life?

i am a trained teacher, i am a writer and keynote speaker, i am a creator and designer, i am an intuitive - i bring all of these strengths to the table to create the tools that i will be sharing here each month...

i love to create books, workbooks, worksheets, printables, images, podcasts, videos, workshops, challenges, frameworks, maps... anything that will help us to actually to the work we need to do!

my aim is to help you be inspired, get motivated, have AHAs... to explore, implement, transform... to notice real changes in your SELF and in your life. 

and i will be here doing the work, right along side you, sharing the journey as i go.

it's your time... do this for your dreams... IGNITE your SELF. 

what will you ignite today?

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ignite : a guidebook for self-discovery

do remember who you were born to be? before the world told you who you should be?

your purpose is to shine your light in the world… but what does that look like for you? in order to shine your light you need to know how to switch it on!

ignite is a beautiful way to explore who you are… to discover parts of you that you may have forgotten or dimmed… to peel away new layers and look at the you who is ready to emerge… to embrace and honour all the parts of yourself, wholeheartedly… to see your own light clearly, the way we see you…

as a beautiful soul… worthy of everything you desire.

ignite : 21 questions for your soul

a paperback workbook with gorgeous colour pages, thought provoking prompts, inspiring ideas, and helpful resources to help you learn YOU.


ignite guidebook

paperback workbook

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notes: GST will be added at check-out for australian residents. physical books will include a physical oracle card from the illuminate oracle deck. PDF guidebooks will be sent via email and will include a digital card. if you are local and would like to pick up your book to save on postage please contact me.