write your light writers circle

do you have a dream of writing, publishing, or launching a book? 

  • perhaps you have started planning & organising, but haven't got around to writing yet? 
  • perhaps you are like me and have your book written, but now you need to edit & publish?
  • maybe your book is nearly ready to go, but you haven't planned out your launch?
  • or maybe you haven't been able to start anything yet, and the dream still remains a dream.

i am passionate about helping people bring their book into the world, because i believe that writing a book is a beautiful, powerful way of shining your light. i created the write your light workshop to help people every step of the way. but i know, from experience, that even when you have the "how to"... the "getting it done" can still be such a challenge!

finding the time. overcoming the resistance. building the mindset. navigating a long and often overwhelming list of to dos... it's tough! 

i am working towards publishing my second book right now, so i am right there with you. and with that in mind, i've decided to create a writers circle offer a safe, supported place to do the work.

the aim of the writers circle is to offer...

  • support : ask questions, get feedback, brainstorm, work on the mindset side of things
  • accountability : share goals, track progress, do the work that needs doing
  • momentum : surround yourself with like-minded people who are doing the work too, be motivated and inspired
  • a safe-haven : to be exactly where you are at in the journey, and to be kind to yourself along the way

the write your light writers circle is a 4 month group mastermind where you can work on whatever part of the journey you are on: planning, writing, editing, publishing, launching, even ongoing promotion of your book if you are at that stage! we may be at different spots on this journey, but we are all like-minded, purpose-driven, soul-centred people with a common dream... we can support & inspire each other on this journey!

here is what to expect from your investment:

  • private facebook group for connection & interaction
  • regular check in time to share goals and to share progress for accountibility
  • regular 'writers room' hours - open group sessions via zoom - drop in to work on book, ask a question. etc
  • regular exclusive content for ongoing inspiration & help with writing
  • help anytime - ask questions & share anytime - i am there to offer specific help for whatever you need
  • a safe space to work on the mindset, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this journey too
  • a special 'writers rate' for private 1:1 sessions if you find you need them

if you find that you are struggling to get ahead with your book dreams & plans, let the writers circle be the place where you invest in yourself and your dream... and get the support, accountability, and momentum you need to take steps forward! 

i will be there, right along side you, doing the work as well. together we will turn our book dreams into reality!

next round : may 1 - aug 31

membership = your choice: monthly payments of $99 or pay for 3 months & get the 4th free $297

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prices in AUD. GST added on at check out for australian residents. subsequent monthly payments are invoiced on the first of each month.

ps. if you are not writing a book but you are working on another project - creating an oracle deck, creating a workshop or program, creating a workbook or ebook - you are more than welcome to join us! whatever you are hoping to bring to life... this is about making a choice to finally make it happen.