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do you have a creative project tapping you on the shoulder?

  • perhaps you’ve been wanting to write a book, design a workshop, create an oracle deck

  • maybe it’s a physical thing you are creating… a new product to share or something just for you

  • perhaps you are building a business, a community, a podcast, or a blog

  • maybe you have an idea to create a challenge, a freebie, or an offering for your community

i am currently working on a few different creative projects including self-publishing a new book and a workbook and creating a new physical product too… not to mention the creating i do in my down time (i like to netflix and knit!)… so i am right there with you.

sometimes we feel ignited about our project but we also can feel a little bit lost, a little bit overwhelmed, or a little bit uncertain about the whole thing. sometimes we can feel like we are on an island all alone, trying to create something with little support or encouragement or understanding from others. sometimes we can struggle with mindset issues - ‘who am i to do this’ ‘this is not good enough’ ‘why even bother’ ‘maybe i should give up’ - and it’s hard to dig our way out of the muck. sometimes we need to be surrounded by like-minded people to feel motivated and excited to take action.

the aim of the creators circle is to offer...

  • support : ask questions, get feedback & fresh eyes, brainstorm, work on the mindset side of things

  • accountability : share goals, track progress, do the work that needs doing

  • momentum : surround yourself with like-minded people who are doing the work too, be motivated and inspired

  • a safe-haven : to be exactly where you are at in the journey, and to be kind to yourself along the way

the creators circle is a supportive group mastermind where you can work on whatever you are bringing into the world. we may be working on different projects, and we may be at different spots on this journey, but we are all like-minded, purpose-driven, soul-centred people with a common dream... we can support & inspire each other on this journey to bring our thing to life.

here is what to expect from your investment:

  • private facebook group for connection & interaction

  • regular check in time to share goals and to share progress for accountibility

  • regular open group sessions via zoom - drop in to share, ask a question. etc

  • regular exclusive content for ongoing inspiration

  • help anytime - ask questions & share anytime - i am there to offer specific help for whatever you need

  • a safe space to work on the mindset, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this creative journey

if you find that you are struggling to get ahead with your creative dreams & plans, let the creators circle be the place where you invest in yourself and your dream... and get the support, accountability, and momentum you need to take steps forward! 

i will be there, right along side you, doing the work as well. together we will turn our creative dreams into reality!

next round : 1 october - 21 decemeber 2018

what can you create with 12 weeks of support & accountability?

prices in AUD. GST added on at check out for australian residents.