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your word is your anchor 

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do you choose a word for your year?

do you have a guiding word that reminds you of what you want to do, who you want to be, or how you want to feel?

do you have a dream for yourself… or for someone you love?


wear your word… your dream, desire, goal, intention… as a bracelet

the anchor bracelet

a morse code bracelet with your word as a hidden message

this bracelet contains a word... a secret, personal message in morse code, which is a universal language made up of dots & dashes.

your word is your anchor… a way to hold onto your intention, something to remind you of who you are being, what you are doing, where you are going, and why.

the darker, morse code beads are hematite… a stone for grounding, centering, and balancing… to help your word truly be your anchor.

the silver, spacer beads are stainless steel… a material of strength, simplicity and resilience… to help your anchor be a touchstone for your daily life.

your bracelet comes with a beautiful printed card containing your word, the morse code, and the mandala of the lighthouse keeper connected to your word.

your bracelet is infused with healing reiki energy and the chakra energy of your word to help you live & embody your intention.

I wore my new bracelet today. Every time I found myself in a tricky situation, I looked down and remembered that I get to choose where my energy goes, I am in charge of my own power, I get to decide what I allow in my life. Thank you!
— kellie ~ empower

about the bracelet

  • your choice of word (or phrase) - bracelet is made to order

  • made with thick, stretch elastic

  • stainless steel & hematite beads in two size choices - chunkier 8mm beads OR smaller 4mm beads (scroll through image gallery above for examples)

  • average bracelet size is 18cm, can be made to fit smaller/larger wrist, tighter/looser fit

  • the large bead bracelet holds 25-28 beads (depending on the word and the bracelet size you need)

  • the small bead bracelet holds approx 50 beads - allowing for a longer word or a phrase

  • number of beads needed for your word depends on the morse code (1-4 beads per letter - see image below to learn the code for your word or phrase)

  • silver spacer beads are placed between each letter and at the end of the word to fill the remaining space of the bracelet - if a longer word is required the spacer beads between letters can be removed


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Karen, thank you!!! The bracelets are beautiful! I’ll study the info that you included and determine which one I need to wear, and when. They are very comfortable, they fit perfectly.... I like their weight too! It’s like a hug!
— shelley ~ breathe, love, patience

my mission is to help people shine their light in the world, in any way they choose. may your bracelet be a physical reminder - a touchstone or talisman… an anchor - to remind you of what matters to you, and that you matter… to remind you of the light you have to shine.

karen xo