write your light

a book writing workshop  

for entrepreneurs, personal brand builders, coaches, teachers, healers, and change makers

get your message out to the world in a bigger way...

build your platform and profile...

grow your community...

shine your light by writing your book!

do you have a dream of writing a book?

i would love to help you turn that dream into reality... i would love to help you bring your book to life!

18 months ago i finished a successful kickstarter campaign to self-publish my book lighthouse revolution. i wrote my book in 24 days in november 2015, and then i had to figure out the rest of the steps to get my book out to the world! on march 29th 2016 i launched the kickstarter campaign and nearly doubled my goal with $9200 raised in 4 weeks! i self-published my book book in may... shipping out 150 copies of the book in the first print run. in september i published the kindle ebook version of lighthouse revolution, and in the 5 day FREE ebook promotion, 1520 copies of the book were downloaded: the book was amazon's #1 free self-help book, and #8 on the overall free books list. 

so you can see, i am proof that it can be done! a year ago i was waiting, impatiently, for my book book to arrive on my doorstep... and i have to tell you that moment was one of the best moments of my life. i think the deliver guy was shocked to receive a huge hug by a crazy dancing lady when he knocked on the door!

writing a book book was never one of my life long goals... if you had asked me even 5 years ago if i would publish an actual book i would have laughed. at the time i was content with creating workbooks and guide books and helpful 'how to' books for women in biz... in total i had written 12 ebooks which i successfully sold as PDFs from my website, with 1000s of downloads. so it was truly not on my radar to write a 'book book'... like a real life book that you could hold in your hands.

but then i started the lighthouse revolution... my purpose became something much bigger than i once thought it was... i felt called to help more people in even deeper ways... my mission grew and grew... and i could see that it mattered. my book book started tapping me on the shoulder... eventually i had to get over my own fear and resistance and inertia, eventually i had to figure out how to write and edit and publish and launch and fund and promote and sell the book that i wanted to share with the world! 

it was a lot of work (physically, mentally, and emotionally!)... not gonna lie... but that is why i am so passionate about helping others to write their book... because i can share everything i have learnt along the way to make it easier for others without the pain and frustration (and fear!) that so many of us feel.

it's actually completely doable to bring a book to life!

it was also one of the most incredible experiences in my life. pushing through the mindset challenges and building visibility and promoting my socks off... all to share something that i believed in to the depth of my core... something that mattered... well, there is nothing else in my journey that compares to what i learned and gained and experienced by writing a book book.

and that is also why i am so passionate about helping you WRITE your LIGHT - your stories matter, your message matters, your mission matters, your ideas matter... they are worth sharing, the world is waiting on you! it's time to add your voice to the conversation... it's time to add your book to the library.

(ps. there will never be a perfect time to write your book. trust me, i tried and tried to wait for the perfect time. what i realized was the best time is right now. start today. if it takes you a month, six months, a year, two years... it doesn't matter. start today. you will be one day closer to bringing your book to life!)

Thank you Karen for putting together such a practical, fun and interactive workshop. My favourite parts of WRITE your LIGHT were learning how to deal with the negative self-talk when feeling blocked, how to see ourselves as authors, and learning the steps to the book’s launch. I didn’t expect to receive so much encouragement from you and from the other members and the list of the resources you openly shared with us to get the book written, edited, published and promoted. You were the teacher that magically appeared in my life at the perfect timing, thank you!
— Vesna Cavic ~ author of 'dear confidence'

with this online workshop you will...

  • hone in on your compelling, engaging book topic
  • create the outline & map out the content for your book
  • create a plan to get the book written, and start writing right away 
  • overcome any blocks, resistance, fears, or doubts holding you back from getting the book written, published, and launched (because mindset is at least 50% of making this happen!)
  • work out the details for self-publishing, editing, formatting, ebook publication, cover design and more - all of the jobs that need doing besides writing!
  • plan a successful launch for your book - including information on using kickstarter (or similar platforms), having a kindle ebook launch, and longer term plans to market your book.

the workshop includes a password protected member's page (video/audio instruction; PDF notes, worksheets & printables; helpful links, resources & tools) and a private members only facebook group where we hold regular office hours and QnA sessions. it is set up to work for YOU, with your time and your style of learning... offering you both instruction and the accountability, support, and help you need to make your book dream a reality.

here's how it works:

step 1- ignite: get clear on your book topic, type, style, audience, and vision - this is a FUN week with ideas and exercises to fuel you going forwards

step 2 - prepare: get ready to write by preparing everything you, your book, and your mindset will need to bring this book to life

step 3 - plan: create the outline for your book, map out the entire content plan for your book, and create your personalized writing plan so that you can start writing your book right away

when you are ready - get writing!

as part of your 'writing plan' you will have worked out how/when/where you will write, you will be supported in our group no matter what your writing plan is! 

then what?

step 4 - publish: map out the process for the rest of the book: editing, preparation, cover design, self-publishing (print book, ebook, audio book); includes full checklist of jobs & discussion of costs. this plan may take 

step 5 - promote: start creating the plans for marketing, launching, and selling the book. while this may not be on your radar yet, you can start preparing and building buzz now!

plus i have bonuses for you...

a way through every (writer's) block: practical ideas & strategies to help with some of the common blocks, resistance, stuckness, fear that you may experience on this book journey... such as: self-doubt, unworthiness, not good enough (and all the other kinds of not enoughness), self-belief, confidence, inner critic, imposter complex, why bothers, comparison, jealousy, fear of criticism/judgement/attach, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of visibility, self-sabotage, overwhelm, procrastination, excuses, avoidance, perfectionism, action-taking, no flow/obstacles... 

amazon kindle launch: want to do a free ebook promo on amazon kindle? i am sharing my entire kindle ebook launch plan with you! this webinar will teach you everything you need to know about getting your book onto kindle and out to a wide audience.

what to do after you launch:  how to keep the momentum with your book, how to keep selling books after the initial launch, and how to build the book into your biz/brand plans. i am sharing tips from successful self-published authors (just like me & you) about what works for them and what mistakes they've made along the way.

by the end this workshop you will have...

  • a complete outline and content map for your book, plus the option of writing in november!
  • confidence & belief in yourself as an author: ready to take action and make this book happen,
  • and a complete checklist & plan to publish, launch, promote your book with ease and success.

i joined WRITE your LIGHT because i was in need of book writing guidance… i had no idea where to begin or how to structure a book! i was drawn to this workshop because i admired the wonderful social media presence Karen had during her entire book campaign… she is totally my ‘go to’ book writer’s guide. i loved the style of this workshop with both group support and open ended access to the content… it suits the length of time it will take me to write my book. the biggest shift i experienced from this workshop is the total belief that my book will manifest. i think WRITE your LIGHT is perfect for anyone who wants to nut out their book ideas, get amongst other like-minded people working on their books, and have a safe place to work on the mindset stuff too.
— linda grainger

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you can join write your light at any time. you have access to all materials and the groups to use as you need it! please note: the next live round of this workshop will take place in october 2018.

WRITE your LIGHT - workshop

 instant access to the write your light online workshop & resource library, including the private member's facebook group where you can ask questions, get help, be accountable, and more.

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I found Karen on Pinterest several years ago, and began following her work, because I appreciated her level of creativity in how she presented her own business, and her full transparency in what she was doing. I joined the writing workship primarily because I knew she had just completed her first book, and I was interested in the process. She has created a very structured (yet flexible) approach to writing that helps to keep you motivated as you write, and helps to get you over the bumps and blocks that you’ll inevitably hit throughout the writing process. I highly recommend ‘write your light’!
— Marcy Tanniru


this workshop is focused on self-publishing a non-fiction book. if you have another type of book you want to publish as part of your personal brand, your business, or your mission, you are still very welcome in WRITE your LIGHT... just please note that i will not be teaching how to write fiction, children's stories, fables, etc. if you have dreams of working with a publishing company, this workshop will still help you get writing and learn about book marketing, which you will need to do no matter what!

if you have already started writing your book - you are still very welcome to join write your light. you will still get so much out of this workshop: you can work on finishing your book, get it published, plan your successful launch, start building buzz right away, and most importantly perhaps, you will be able to apply all of the mindset & unstucking strategies to actually getting your book out into the world! 

you set the pace of your learning... all workshop content is stored on a password protected page, which you can access at any time. you can take as much time as you like to access the content - focus on getting your book written and then come back later for the promo info if you'd like...  or jump ahead to learn about self-publishing if that is what you need right now. you have access to this workshop for its lifetime, it's completely up to you how you use the information and how much time you spend each week on the workshop.