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are you a woman in biz? your business is a reflection of you... as you work on your business you need to work on yourself too! the elevate self-leadership circle is the place to do the inner work, the mindset work, the getting unstuck, the rising up... that will allow you to take the next steps on your biz journey. it's a great mix of practical strategy, intuitive & energetic support, 1:1 & group connection.

would you like some 1:1 support as you step into your mission, uplevel your business, amplify your message, ignite your purpose, or shine your light in the world with your work? perhaps you are feeling stuck, you've lost your mojo, or know that you've got some mindset work to do? i would love to help! 

have you got a big dream for yourself, a goal, a plan.. something you want to do or create or shift... but you just aren't getting anywhere? if you are ready to finally focus on your intention... to get ignited and clear your resistance so that you can take courageous action... the illuminate session is for you! it's a powerful combination of practical + intuitive + energetic and i would love to do a session for you!


throughout the year i offer a variety of group workshops & programs.

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