stop building a business. build a lighthouse instead.

lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;
they just stand there shining.
— anne lamott

this was the quote that inspired my own business journey... i was tired or scrambling and chasing and running in circles and being stuck... i wanted to "stand there shining" like a lighthouse. my mission is to help women shine their light in the world... and as an entrepreneur you do that with your business.

so let's stop building our businesses... and build lighthouses instead.

a lighthouse is made up of multiple components (the inner light must be ignited of course but you also need a strong beacon that beams your message out to your boats, a strong foundation that supports the work you are here to do, a spiral staircase that allows you to take little steps and spiral with your stuckness... and so much more!)

when we allow for these components in the lighthouse business we build, we have the tools, strategies, and support that we need to truly shine your light in the world. a lighthouse business recognizes that there is more to the story that just deciding to show up and shine... you actually have to build the whole lighthouse. i am here to help. let's work together 1:1 and shine a light on whatever part of your lighthouse that needs a little love and attention.

we can build it up together.

i have been doing 1:1 sessions with women in business since 2010; i've worked with women all around the world (australia, UK, NZ, US, canada, and india) in a wide variety of businesses (retail, wholesale, handmade, services, and digital products/expertise.) 

i do not consider myself a "coach" - it is a word that has never resonated with me. here is what i do...

i am a trained teacher. one of the things i am really good at is finding ways to make concepts *click*. i love to work out the pieces of the puzzle, i love to bring things together in a way that makes sense, i love to find the ah ha moments.

i am an unstucktor. my zone of genius is helping people get unstuck... working out what is really getting in our way and HOW we can truly shift things so that we can move forward. i love to brainstorm, i love to explore, i love to help people find clarity. 

i am a light bringer. i believe that we are each here for a reason... the world needs the light you are here ot shine. my purpose is to help you ignite your purpose, to step into your mission, to rise up and amplify your beam of light, to share your message with the world.

if you are longing to work with someone...

who will address both the strategy & the soul of your business...

who won't just tell you to add yet another thing to your to do list, but will instead help you uncover the exact right path for you...

who will help you feel authentic and ignited about the biz you are building, and help yo to build it your way... 

i would love to work with you. 

q&a quickie session

30 minute laser coaching (via video recording) = $125

want to pick my brain? get some fresh eyes on something you are working on? get some As to your Qs? this is a chance to ask me about anything that has you feeling stuck or that you are working on right now, and get some ideas, feedback, or strategies. ask your question via the form bellow (or send me a video or audio recording if it's easier to talk it out than type it out!) and i will send you my reply (a video recording, approx 30 minutes.)

q&a quickie session
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1:1 session

75 min 1:1 session online via zoom (recorded upon request) = $275

are you feeling stuck? have you lost your mojo for your business? do you need clarity with your why, your purpose, your vision? are you feeling like you are always scrambling, always chasing, always starting and restarting... but nothing seems to ever land? are you in need of a mindset boost to build up your worthiness or perhaps overcome comparison, procrastination, criticism or any thing else that is holding you back? are you ready to stop playing small and beam your light out in a much bigger way?

if any of these things sound anything like you, please know you are not alone! every biz builder struggles with this stuff and i promise you there is a way out! let's chat! 

single session
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3 session package

3 x 75 min 1:1 sessions = $595

there are a few big road blocks that i see come up for women over and over again as they do the work to build a business that truly shines... these packages offer a more focused and customized approach to the exact struggle that you are facing right now in your biz. here are some ideas for what we can focus on in three sessions together:

mission ignition - amplify your message & have a bigger impact

find your spark - uncover your purpose and do what lights you up

rise up - play big, build visibility, and step up to the next level of your biz

write your light - share your message with the world by writing & launching a book

3 session package
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note: all prices are in AUD. 10% gst will be added at check out for all australian residents. payment plans for session packages available upon request.

session booking

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