lighthouse live

10 day challenge

create the blueprints to turn your goal, dream, or idea into reality

Holy smokes Karen - I have so much gratitude for you and for lighthouse live. The process has just opened me up, expanded me and the people around me. I’ve also just got out of my own way and launched NEW programs without the ‘perfect’ - including my signature program Money School, which I am launching right now with dozens of people already joining. Plus i’ve changed the name of my business to the RICH Living Revolution - I am creating a #globalmoneymovement! I feel so expansive and connected and me right now. I’m getting paid to be me!! The work we did in lighthouse live was the clarity I needed! Thank you Karen for shining your light and showing me how to shine mine xx
— michelle

here's how it works:

you come along to lighthouse live with ONE INTENTION...

a goal, a dream, an aspect of your life or work that you want to focus on... it could be something related to your health/fitness, your home/family, your business/career, your relationships, your own self-care... anything you like really!

one by one we will go through each component of the lighthouse and figure out what you need to to do to make your intention happen... because each of the 7 components do matter!

for each component, i will share specific strategies for you to choose from and try out right away... in just 30 minutes a day you will create the blueprints for your very own lighthouse, a working plan that will help you to achieve that intention of yours.

When I signed up for lighthouse live, I was at a stage where my business was lacking direction and where I had lost my connection to what I was doing and why. Working with the lighthouse framework allowed me to explore deep within me what was happening and most of all helped me reconnect with my soul... with what I really wanted. The framework of the program, with daily strategies & ideas, is so engaging and doable... it became the one thing I was consistent with, because I was able to create my OWN blueprints and not have someone else’s plans & strategies imposed on me. I love that Karen shares her knowledge but she doesn’t force it on you, in fact she encourages you in your own path, to build your own lighthouse! I am forever grateful to Karen and the tribe in the lighthouse live group!
— angela

here's what you get with lighthouse live:

  • private facebook group - get help, get support, ask questions, be accountable. i am there every day and will help in any way you need!
  • 10 days of instruction - via video recording & written post - pop in when you can, do the work when it suits you (perhaps start or end your day by focusing on your lighthouse
  • group coaching call - you ask the questions specific to your intentions, specific to your life/work/biz/personal situation... get the help you need
  • group illuminate session - a powerful session that combines practical action + intuitive insight + energetic clearing to help you carry on with your intention once our 10 days are over

here's what we will create together:

  • your personal lighthouse blueprints - at the end of 10 days you will have your very own blueprints for making your intention a reality... a working document that you can keep adding to and keep coming back to... which will help you to take action and overcome anything that happens upon your path.

here's what you need to get started:

  • your intention - the thing you want to focus on, work on, change, or ignite. it might be something like... i am ready to get fit and healthy. i am ready to write a book. i am ready to improve my relationship. i am ready to earn $xxx in my business. (anything you like!)
  • a blank notebook & maybe some nice new pens! hey - any reason for new stationary, right? but i will be getting you to do your homework, to choose from the suggested activities, and actually create your blueprints, so do have a place to do the work!
  • the book. if you haven't read it yet, no worries! it is the reference book that will help you with your lighthouse, so you can just flip to the sections that you need help with, when you need it.

this 10 day challenge is the perfect opportunity to explore the framework of the lighthouse and use it to take action... to ignite your life in some way! we would love to have you there - we start on monday march 20th!

When Karen start to talk about the different components of the lighthouse I got curious about how the lighthouse framework could help me with my goals. By exploring and understanding these components during “lighthouse live” I was able to get to know myself on a deeper level and identify which areas I needed to strengthen. I had a lot of challenges with visibility when it came to my business so I started to work on my “beacon”... and since finishing “lighthouse live” I have started to feel empowered and confident about being visible, vulnerable, and sharing my message. It has been an amazing growth journey... and the next two months are going to be all about playing BIG as I get ready to launch my book and make my goals a reality.
— vesna

i wrote the book lighthouse revolution to share with the world what i have learned from the lighthouse - inspiring, practical lessons that truly will change your life.

and now, i would love to help you do just that. i don't want you to just read the book - to be inspired and ignited - and then put it down and carry on as always. i want you to create a real shift in your life - to take some sort of inspired, courageous action - to see a real result in your life or work!

if you set resolutions in january and they seem to have fizzled out,

if you have big dreams for your year but you haven't taken any action,

if you know you want something new for yourself but you still feel stuck in the same old place,

if you've been talking about focusing on something in your life (creating something, achieving something, shifting something) but you just can't seem to get started... 

lighthouse live is THE place to be.

join us!

lighthouse live = $99

don't have a copy of the book yet? no problem - grab the lighthouse live book bundle. you get the ebook (PDF or kindle) + audio book (mp3) + guidebook (pdf) + oracle deck (pdf)... along with the lighthouse live 10 day challenge of course! (total value $164)

lighthouse live + book bundle = $125

would you like some 1:1 help as you work on building your lighthouse along with some ongoing support? i've got a special lighthouse live 3 session package just for you. you get 3 x 75 minute sessions + you get the book bundle + the lighthouse live 10 day challenge of course! (total value = $1049).

this is the perfect option if you have a big goal (like writing a book or launching something new or upleveling your business) and would like 1:1 support, coaching, brainstorming, and unstucking after our 10 days together are over.

lighthouse live + 3 session package = $695

*all prices in AUD. 10% GST added on at check out for australian residents.

The last round of lighthouse live was so good and so thought provoking...
— doone