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you are here for a reason... you are here to shine your light... the lighthouse revolution book will show you how! 

through her winding journey from career to stay-at-home-mom to building a business, karen gunton has been on a quest to learn what it takes to get unstuck and fee more ingnited, empowered, and fulfilled.

karen has created a down-to-earth, practical, and soul-centred approach to transforming your life so that it has more meaning, joy, and purpose... so that you can truly live a life that lights you up.

with the lighthouse revolution, karen shares the lessons of each component of the lighthouse, along with practical tools and strategies, real life examples and stories, and wonderfully inspiring ideas. 

the lighthouse is a powerful symbol for who we are here to be and for the life we are here to live. but it is actually much more than a symbol. it's a new way of life. 

the lighthouse revolution book is the entire toolkit that will both teach you and inspired you to be the highest, brightest version of yourself. 

if you are longing to feel ignited, empowered, fulfilled, strong, and supported... to get unstuck, rise above, and make your way through the darkness... to find yourself, find your path, find your purpose, and go after your dreams... then it's time to build your lighthouse! 

build a lighthouse. be a lighthouse. when you shine you give others permission to do the same, creating ripples of light that will indeed change the world. 

karen gunton is a teacher, an inspirational speaker and writer, a soulful leader, and an entrepreneur. she is also a badass rule-breaker who never uses capitals because she lives her own message... which is permission to be you, to own your light, and do shine your way. 

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be the lighthouse. stand tall, light up, shine bright. learn how when you get the ebook for free on kindle!

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