4 years ago i was inspired to begin to create a shift in my life so that i could feel more ignited, more on purpose, more driven, more fulfilled.

i needed to find myself again... i needed to figure out who i wanted to be and what i wanted to do. i needed to get over my own inertia, get unstuck, and start building my dream life.

the lighthouse was the symbol that both inspired me on my journey, and taught me so many lessons that made all the difference.

i began to build my lighthouse... i am still building my lighthouse! and i want to inspire you to do the same.

the lighthouse revolution is a book about the work that i believe we are here to do...

to be you.

to shine your light in the world.

to build a life that you love.

to stand tall and be the highest version of yourself.

to get unstuck and rise above!

to let your light guide you home through the darkness. 

this book teaches the 7 components of the lighthouse and the many lessons that each component can offer us, so that we may begin to truly start living a life that lights us up.

in it you will find practical tools and strategies, real life examples and stories, and inspiring ideas which will help you to start building your own lighthouse... to BE the lighthouse.

i wrote this book because i truly do believe that we are here to shine our light in the world... to own our light... because when we do we give others permission to do the same, creating ripples of light that will indeed change the world.

if we are here to shine, the lighthouse is how we do it. this book is the how.

my mission is to help you make a change in your life... to remember that you do indeed have a light to shine... to help you turn your dreams into a reality.

light up. build a lighthouse!

download a sneak peek of the book:

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lighthouse revolution book

paperback book - learn the 7 components of the lighthouse: practical tools and strategies, real life examples and stories, and inspiring ideas to help you shine

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lighthouse revolution PDF ebook

PDF ebook - download and save to read on any device - no app needed

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lighthouse revolution audio book

mp3 files - download and save to listen on any device - no app needed

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navigate guidebook

soft cover workbook - companion for the lighthouse revolution: 44 exercises, beautiful colouring in pages, inspiring quotes, and lots of white space for your own ideas and brainstorming.

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navigate PDF guidebook

fillable PDF - download, fill in the workbook, and save

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be the lighthouse journal

soft cover journal - 222 pages, lined, beautiful matte finish

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create your lighthouse blueprints

brand NEW for the lighthouse revolution

a 60 minute online class to help you "lighthouse" one of your personal goals, intentions, or ideas.

choose ONE thing that you want to focus on in your life, your work, your business, your home, or your self - and together, we'll create the exact blueprints that will help you to make it happen! includes online class via video or audio as well as printable PDF worksheets for you to use... over and over again... to create the blueprints for your personal intentions. this class is a brilliant way to apply the framework of the lighthouse to a specific thing that you want for yourself... to help you take action, get unstuck, stay on track... and more!

if you already have the book... simply grab the class now, with instant access you can start right away. or grab the blueprints book bundle: get the lighthouse revolution print book + the navigate print guidebook + the blueprints online class, and save money on both the bundle and on shipping! (value $95)


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here is what readers are saying about the book:

Kristi: Oh my, this book is hard to put down x


Dee: Am 20% through lighthouse revolution and O M G Karen you are ringing some bells! Thank you so much.


Tanya: I've already jumped in and am loving this book; you're an amazing teacher, healer & storyteller. Thanks for doing all that you do. Please don't ever stop! Love love love.


Bruce: That Navigate workbook is awesome. You are awesome. For serious, I am super impressed.


Janice: I have the print book, and now I have the kindle ebook... love to read certain chapters and phrases over again when I start feeling stuck... love this book....


Emma: There were so many little gold nuggets in this book for me! I truly loved it and got to see a different spin on things too. One of my favourite nuggets was this: 'when you share your light, you communicate and connect with others, you are helping someone else be the hero of their story, of their journey, of their storm.' I also loved the description of the spiral staircase. Sometimes I do feel like I'm going around in circles but it's good know it will lead me to the top.


Seona: I will be using your book to help others around me... to inspire them to dream. To live. Thank you.