ignite your biz

a new 4 week intensive for women in biz who want...

  • to feel authentic, ignited, purposeful, and impactful in their business
  • to honour who they are at the core - to honour their intuition & soul - as much as they practical business strategies
  • to build genuine connections and real relationships, not just with clients/customers but with collaborators, contributors, and yes... even so-called competitors
  • to leverage their gifts and build a business that aligns spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically

perhaps you are ready to take the next steps in your business, perhaps you want to have a bigger impact with your work or reach more of the right people, perhaps you are feeling called to do something more than you ever thought possible... perhaps you just want to get your mojo back for your biz and your work...

but maybe you aren't sure of what to focus on, how to make it happen, or why it matters

maybe you've been feeling wobbly about your big plans - unworthy, uncertain, unconfident

maybe you simply want an approach to taking the next steps that feels authentic and soul-driven

... if this sounds like you, i would love to work with you!

i have a new package that i would like to trial with 6 women, maximum. i want to work closely with you in the following areas... through a combination of group sessions and individual sessions

in our time together we will:

  • week 1. ignite your mission

revisit & explore new layers of your why, your purpose, your vision, your gifts; get to the heart of what you are here to do and to clearly define the core mission for your business

  • week 2. ignite your message

explore your story, connect with your audience, develop authentic and aligned communication strategies, expand visibility, voice, vulnerability, integrity, and comfort zones!

  • week 3. ignite your map (your plans!)

focus on the best vehicle to bring your purpose, your gifts, your mission to life; making plans & setting goals that are in alignment, and serve what you are here to do.

  • week 4. ignite your mindset & mojo

strategic self-leadership tools to help us spiral with the inner stuff that comes up on this journey - worthiness, confidence, fear, failure, doubt, limiting beliefs, etc - and take courageous, inspired action.

the package includes:

  • 4 x 90 minute group teaching & coaching sessions - with recorded audio/video + session notes/worksheets
  • 2 x 75 minute 1:1 igniting & unstucking sessions - via zoom, recorded
  • 2 x months in the elevate circle - for group support between sessions
  • bonus live Q & A call - for any final questions/ideas/insight

this package is ideal for...

someone who has started their business - has products & services on offer, has communications strategies in place (list building, social media, etc.) - but things just aren't where you want them to be.

perhaps you want to feel more authentic and excited with your efforts... perhaps you want to do more with what you've started... perhaps you are ready to take your work to new levels, new heights... perhaps you want to feel more impactful, more aligned, more on purpose, or more connected.

i would love to help you get the clarity, focus, and alignment you have been longing for... i would love to help you ignite your business and take the next steps on your journey.

karen, our 1:1 sessions to ‘ignite my mission’ have got me super excited about what’s next! this has totally lit me up... made me look at my entire business differently and passionately. the thoughts that usually trip me up don’t feel like such a big issue as now i am so focused on the mission of helping others. it’s amazing, like a bright light has been turned on. this mission stuff actually gets you out of your own way because all of a sudden it’s not about you, it’s about the impact you can have on others. now i can see why this work lights you up so much and i must re-visit the LHR book from this new “mission” state of mind :)
— jo bendle

to join...

as this is the first round of offering this package i am offering it for just $495 to 6 people who would like to join now. (the full price next time will be $999.) you can join for one payment of $495 or 3 payments of $175 if you prefer. 


these prices are in AUD, GST will be added for australian residents at check out. this package is open to women in biz worldwid

our first group session will be on monday may 1st 12 noon AEST... it will be recorded and you can ask questions at any time, so it is perfectly ok if you cannot be on the group teaching sessions live.

once you join i will send you the links to join the teaching sessions and to book in for your 1:1 sessions... which you can save until after our 4 group sessions if you wish.

if you would like to chat about whether this package is right for you, of if you have any questions, please click the contact button below.