a self-leadership circle for women who are ready to shine

what would it mean to ignite...

  • your goals, dreams, desires & intentions 
  • your purpose, your passion, your mojo
  • your mindset, your confidence & self-belief
  • your intuition, your spiritual practice

does this sound like you?

you have goals, dreams, desires, and intentions for the new year. you know what you want... you want this year to be different from the last. now you need to DECIDE... to do the work, to overcome your blocks, to shine in any way you choose.

perhaps you have dimmed your light, perhaps you have lost your light, perhaps you wonder if you have a light to shine!

maybe you've been feeling stuck, maybe you've been feeling a bit lost, maybe you just want to create a shift somewhere in your life.

perhaps you are awakening to a new sense of purpose, to new things in your life, to a new chapter...

... and you would love to have a safe place to land. a place to explore this journey, and take some next steps, and shift the stuff that has been getting in the way of you shining!

IGNITE is just the place.

it's all about developing self-leadership...

  • awareness: who you are being, where you are going, and why... but playing your own game
  • willingness: to take the tough path, to explore, to get back up again and keep marching on
  • courage: to take action, to back yourself, to do what it takes for what it is you say you want

the ignite circle is a safe, supported space where we can work on how we shine... take action with our intentions... explore our journey...

ignite offers a unique combination of learning practical, actionable unstucking strategies; getting ongoing support & accountibility; and receiving intuitive insight & energetic clearing.

what to expect from ignite

each month you receive a group illuminate session with intuitive insight, energetic clearing, and prompts to help you ignite your personal intentions or goals. you can share your intentions for accountability, and check in with your reflections at the end of the month. 

we will also have some themes, strategies, and challenges throughout the year to help with topics such as... (note: you get to help choose & guide these topics too!)

  • self-confidence, self-belief, self-worth
  • courage
  • intuition
  • visibility, voice, expanding your comfort zone
  • finding your purpose

we hang out in a private facebook group and i have set the energy of our circle to be an absolute safe, supported space to share, explore, dream, ignite, and spiral with your stuff. it is the place you can talk about the spiritual, energetic, and emotional aspect of this journey along with the strategic stuff you are working on... the place to both share the darkness and celebrate the light... the place to be exactly who you are and where you are and to shine your way.

in addition you get access to the lighthouse library

the library lets you 'choose your own adventure' so to speak... you choose what you need to help you with your intentions! and each month i add to the library, which means it always remains a one stop shop for our group members. access the full library of:

  • practical workshops on topics such as: clearing blocks, rising up, standing out, completion, building worthiness, resilience, courage, confidence, shadow-hunting, and more... 
  • spotlight sessions with fantastic guest experts such as: kylie patchet on mindset, tash corbin on rising up, kerry rowett on clearing & alignment, amanda foy on completion & emotional strength, andrea featherstone on worthiness, gail okeeffe on EFT & clearing blocks, and angela raspass on your next chapter. 
  • additional helpful resources, printables, planners,

join the ignite circle!

1 year membership for 2018 = $365

join month by month

join now for $44 / month, with the option to renew each month.

* GST added at checkout for australians. monthly membership renewed on the first of the month.