to elevate means to...

  • get unstuck, rise above your blocks, don't let anything stand in your way
  • build up your mindset, be seen, be bold, stand tall, stand out, rise up
  • raise your vibration, ignite your mojo, take courageous action
  • play big, uplevel, expand out of your comfort zone, take your efforts to the next level

elevate = the self-leadership circle for women in biz

you have got big goals, big dreams, big intentions for your year in business. you know what you want. you want this year to be different from the last. now you need to DECIDE... to do the work, to overcome your blocks, and to make shit happen!

if you have ever found yourself stuck because of doubt, fear, comparison, lack of confidence, not feeling worthy, not feeling authentic, not feeling seen or heard, not having any mojo... well then you know how powerful mindset is, how it can absolutely effect everything you are working on.

elevate is the place to shift that stuff. to rise above anything that gets in the way of making your dreams happen!

it's all about developing self-leadership...

  • awareness: who you are being, where you are going, and why... but playing your own game
  • willingness: to take the tough path, to explore, to get back up again and keep marching on
  • courage: to take action, to back yourself, to do what it takes for what it is you say you want

elevate is a safe, supported space where we can work on building ourselves up even as we build our businesses... where we can elevate our mindset, rise above our stuckness, and take action with our biz plans/strategies... where we can safely share about the personal journey and the spiritual journey, along with the biz journey.

elevate offers a unique combination of learning practical, actionable unstucking strategies; getting ongoing support & accountibility; and receiving intuitive insight & energetic clearing.

your business is a reflection of you... your business journey is a reflection of your soul journey... so when you build your self up, you build your business up too. it's all about self-leadership. and elevate is THE place to work on it!

what to expect from elevate

each month we check in and set intentions - we are all on different paths, which we respect, but we are there to support one another, to offer accountability, to offer fresh eyes-ideas-feedback, to hold the space for one another no matter what kind of work we are doing.

we have a beautiful mix of learning, sharing, and exploring biz strategy + mindset strategy along with intuitve, energetic, and emotional strategy too. this is a place to explore anything that you are encountering/exploring on your journey

each month we have live Q&A sessions, so that you can get real help with whatever you need, and we also choose learning themes and invite guest experts throughout the year depending on what we need as a group.

we hang out in a private facebook group = if you are an elevate member, you are my priority... this means you get the help/support/fresh-eyes/answers/clarity you need, when you need it. our members are the most supportive, encouraging members i have experienced online... we really are like a family! 

i have set the energy of our circle to be an absolute safe, supported space to share, explore, dream, ignite, and spiral with your stuff. it is the place you can talk about the spiritual, energetic, and emotional aspect of this journey along with the strategic stuff you are working on... the place to both share the darkness and celebrate the light... the place to be exactly who you are and where you are and to shine your way.

we've currently got a beautiful, small group of 8... so it is a perfect time to join in and get the extra attention and support that comes from a small, connected mastermind

in addition you get...

the elevate library = the library lets you 'choose your own adventure' so to speak... you choose what you need to help you with your intentions! and each month i add to the library, which means it always remains a one stop shop for our group members. access the full library of:

  • practical workshops on topics such as: clearing blocks, rising up, standing out, completion, building worthiness, resilience, courage, confidence, and more... we add to the library as new themes arise!
  • spotlight sessions with fantastic guest experts such as: kylie patchet on mindset, tash corbin on rising up, kerry rowett on clearing & alignment, amanda foy on completion & emotional strength, andrea featherstone on worthiness, gail okeeffe on EFT & clearing blocks, and angela raspass on your next chapter. 
  • additional resources, printables, planners, and more

join elevate!

this biz journey is hard work, full of obstacles and storms and darkness. and just when you think that you have cleared the path ahead, that fog can roll back in again, because #newlevel #newdevil! it's also massively transformational... when you build you, you build your biz, and vice versa... so it often feels like a roller coaster of ups and downs!

the thing to know is that this is NORMAL... never compare your behind the scenes to someone else's highlight reel! and to remember that you do not have to do it on your own, in fact it is very difficult to do it on your own. you don't have to be superman! you just have to decide to show up and do the work to shine. 

it's ok to be you. it's ok to be where you are. you are exactly where you are meant to be - so let's work from where you are at, and then keep rising. let's elevate.

join month by month

join now for $88 / month, with the option to renew each month.

more about elevate...

If you are ready to move into your heart space in business, there is no one quite like Karen Gunton to help you feel safe, supported and understood. You will love elevate because you’ll move forward and upward with love and support. No butt-kicking required.
— natasha corbin
testimonial photo button gail.png
I love elevate and this space we have created here in our circle. I love the small group (I find larger groups overwhelming). I love the intuitive/spiritual side (that’s the clincher for me). I love the practical suggestions. I’m so looking forward to more of this in 2017!
— gail schie
One of the biggest parts of my personal journey in 2016 has been to ask for help with my own stuff. For so many of us women in biz, it’s really easy to help others but it’s really hard to ask for help for ourselves! When I saw the theme of *worthiness* I knew I had to join elevate because my evil inner voice was trying to scare the living crap out of me, thanks to some past experiences in my biz. My heart knows that I’m a different person now and my biz is totally different... it has been built on a different foundation totally in alignment with me... but I needed my mindset to catch up. In five short weeks, Karen’s mastermind brought everything to the surface that I needed. The content, the calls, the special guest speaker, the community was just what I needed. Karen’s such a beautiful soul and that has filtered into her business in such a bright way, that I can’t even begin to adequately describe. With heartfelt thanks...
— amanda foy
I’d been thinking that I wanted to be in a Mastermind to surround myself with fabulous women in biz. I instantly thought of Karen as my go-to woman and joined her elevate mastermind. Karen’s energy is contagious, it feels great to be inspired and know that I have an awesome support network. Thank you Karen xx
— peta bastian
jo bendle.png
I am so grateful to have Karen on my support team. Building your mindset is one of the most important skills we need as an entrepreneur and Karen does this with such genuiness. She really helps me to look at what’s really going on when I am triggered by something and it’s been so, so powerful. If something isn’t working its usually a mindset issue so having Karen on tap to explore what’s coming up is invaluable. elevate and Karen are something quite special x
— jo bendle
WoW! I connected with the Elevate Mastermind Group at the perfect time. It’s such a great place to ask for help whilst nutting out my business and ideas. I needed help to stay focused on my goals, learnt some valuable new tools, gained support and met like minded people. I found it all!!! :) I love Karen and her passion for helping us be our shiniest selves...
— linda grainger


about karen gunton

your elevate leader

hi! thank you so much for popping by to have a look at elevate. i created this mindset circle because i wanted a safe, supported, purpose-driven place for women in biz to get unstuck, get ignited, take action, and do the inner work on their mindset and resistance so they can make their biz dreams a reality. 

i have been teaching and coaching women in business for over 6 years. i am a trained teacher and i believe in delivering simple, actionable, practical strategies that really make a difference - one of my super powers is making things "click" for people, offering just the thing that can be put into action right away.

i also know that people learn in different ways, have different priorities, different strengths, and are at different places in their biz journey. i always teach a variety of little strategies that can be applied in different ways rather than prescribing one "fool proof" formula that everyone "should" do. my motto is: your biz, your way. and my goal is to ensure that elevate works for YOU and your biz.

for years my biz coaching and teaching work was focused on authentic, powerful online marketing, visual marketing, and branding - so i am well versed in the strategic side of building a business. what i learned over 6+ years working with women in biz (and building my own business) is that the strategy only gets you half-way there, the other half of the work is around being ignited (with clarity, vision, purpose), building your mindset (such as worthiness, confidence, belief, focus, action), and getting unstuck (from fear, doubt, worry... resistance & blocks). 

my zone of genius is helping people to get clarity & get unstuck... i call myself an unstucktor (because coach is just not the word that works for me!) i am also passionate about offering a soulful, heart-centred approach... i do believe that your biz journey is a reflection of your soul journey, so elevate offers practical strategy with a side of powerful "lighthouse-y" energy... it's a safe place to share whatever is coming up for you on a soul level... so that your business can evolve just as you do.

if you have any questions at all about elevate (or about me!) do hit the contact button below! i would love to chat =)