a 6 month biz & mindset mastermind

january 1 - june 30 2018

your playing small does not serve the world. its time to rise up and shine.

to elevate means to...

  • get unstuck... rise above your resistance, don't let anything stand in the way of your goals
  • uplevel...  your mindset, your confidence, self-belief, worthiness
  • rise up... stand tall, be bold, be seen, reach the people you want to help
  • expand... take courageous action, take the next steps on your biz journey
  • raise your vibration... ignite your mojo, fill up your fuel tanks, and tap into your soul purpose

elevate is a group mastermind for women in biz who want...

  • to feel ignited, purposeful, impactful, unstoppable in their business
  • to honour who they are at the core - to honour their intuition & soul - as much as they practical business strategies
  • to build genuine connections and real relationships, to lead from a place of authenticity and alignment, to be of service to others
  • to leverage their gifts and build a business that aligns spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically

perhaps you are ready to take the next steps in your business, perhaps you want to have a bigger impact with your work or reach more of the right people, perhaps you are feeling called to do something more than you ever thought possible... perhaps you just want to get your mojo back for your biz and your work... or you just want to focus on where you are at right now and make it work

but maybe you aren't sure of what to focus on, how to make it happen, or why it matters

maybe you've been feeling wobbly about your big plans - unworthy, uncertain, unconfident

maybe you simply want an approach to taking the next steps that feels authentic and soul-driven

... if this sounds like you, i would love to work with you!

about the mastermind...

  • 6 months working together - january-june 2018
  • a small, connected group - 10 women max
  • a private facebook group - for support, feedback, implementation, reflection, accountibility
  • a safe space to land... to share, to learn, to implement, to BE with whatever you are working on
  • group teaching/coaching on themes such as: vision & why, mission & message, reach & visibility, community & connection, mindset & self-leadership, and more
  • flexible structure - we have themes to help us take practical action, but the mastermind is meant to meet you where you are at! you work on/focus on exactly what you need
  • a soul-centred approach - your biz journey is a reflection of your soul journey, so while we will of course be talking biz strategy we also include space for the inner work: emotional, energetic, intuitive, and mindset 

each month you receive...

  • a 1:1 session to work on igniting & unstucking in whatever way you need
  • a teaching/coaching webinar on a theme related to 'rising up' in your biz
  • group Q & A time 
  • ongoing support & accountibility

the elevate mastermind is ideal for you if you...

have an existing business - with products & services on offer, communications strategies in place (list building, social media, etc.) - and are ready to take the next steps in your biz, in some way.

perhaps you want to feel more authentic and excited with your efforts... perhaps you want to do more with what you've started... perhaps you are ready to take your work to new levels, new heights... perhaps you want to feel more impactful, more aligned, more on purpose, or more connected... perhaps you have some fantastic plans for the new year and you want some support as you go!

i would love to help you get the clarity, focus, and alignment you have been longing for... i would love to help you elevate your business and take the next steps on your journey.

join us!

10 spots only

monthly payments $333 x 6

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we start on 1 january 2018

*GST will be added for australians. monthly payment invoiced on the 1st of each month.